Mark Evans is a Songwriter/Producer/Recording Artist living in Chester County PA. Mark cowrote the love ballad for USA Films international release “Never Again” staring Jeffrey Tambor and Jill Clayburgh. He frequently collaborates with Grammy winner Patrick Robinson, and has also written songs for Independent Films by Josh Wick (Constant Stranger) and Kaz Kuken (A Conversation). 

Mark’s career in the arts has taken him full circle from his early days with Philadelphia's "Life After Bob", to NYC - where he acted in numerous Independent Films, Off-Broadway, Soap Operas, and TV commercials, on to Nashville - where he recorded his 2010 release “Rain on the Roses”, and now back to the East Coast and the Philly region. 

His latest release, CAROUSEL takes the listener on a high-wire journey through addiction to recovery, with plenty of stops for insanity along the way. Recorded in Ardmore PA and Laurel Springs NJ, it is Mark’s offering to the sounds that influenced his life and career; both a look back to a time when records were crafted with passionate abandon, and a look forward to what is still possible. 

The Mark Evans Band features a rhythm section of Philly stalwarts Roy Fisher and Jeff Pancoast, Pat Robinson on keys, the legendary Allen James on lead guitar, plus a string quartet and horn section.  

Carousel is available now on Vinyl and CD!